Profile of Assam Education

The history of modern education in Assam dates back to 1826 with the annexation of Assam with the British Empire in accordance with the treaty of "Yandabu”. The report of late W. Robinson, who was appointed the first Inspector of Schools in 1840 for the Brahmaputra Valley speaks of the terrible condition of the educational institutions prevailing at that time. However, it was only after Independence in 1947 that a rapid development took place in the field of education. Various commissions reviewed the problems of educational reforms. In the later part of the last century Policy on Education (1986) was adopted at the national level.

School Education in Assam

The Assam Secondary Education Act, 1961 was passed to provide for the establishment of a Board of Secondary Education to regulate, supervise and develop Secondary Education in Assam. SEBA or Board of Secondary Education is the state level authority for conducting examinations and providing quality education to the students of Assam. 

In Assam, government has given education a lot of importance and has followed policies and decisions taken at the national level for implementation in the state. It follows the mandate of National Policy on Education (1986) and Programme of Action (1986, revised in 1992) in terms of intervention in Higher Education. The University Grants Commission and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) plays a major role in the quality aspect of it.

Higher Education in Assam

Recognizing the importance of technical education in Assam, the state government has come up with the leading technical universities like IIT Guwahati and NIT which attracts hundreds of students from all over India. 

Some of the other leading colleges in Assam offering a variety of courses include Ayurvedacharya and Ayurved Vachaspati offered by Ayurvedic college of Assam, NEF Law college under Gauhati University and Assam Agricultural University.

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